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direct replacement for your existing 73mm lsl units 

The 73mm LED LSLs are a direct replacement for your existing halogen light units on vehicles such as Land Rover Defender, Classic Mini and many classic vehicles.


The LSLs are exclusively designed and manufactured by Wipac and are branded on each lens. Road legal across UK, Europe and USA, the 73mm LED LSLs are waterproof to IP67. They come with AMP style connectors for easy plug and play instalment (Defender 1998 >). If you do not need the plugs, simply cut off and splice into existing wiring.


vehicle sets

  • Indicators x4

  • Sidelights x2

  • Stop / Tail x2

  •  Wipac LED Flasher unit

choose your appearance!

Available in coloured, smoked or clear. As complete vehicle kits, or individual lamps.

the smart led flasher

Avoid high flash rates or unwanted dashboard warning lights.

available as singles

We also have all 73mm LED LSLs available as single units - as well as the exclusive Wipac LED Flasher.

road legal

Travel with the confidence that your lights comply legally with UK, Europe and USA laws.​

multi-voltage 9-33V

Works with all Land Rover Defenders with any voltage requirements between 9-33V, including 24V Military vehicles.

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